Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Thank you.

To everyone who has served, especially with me.

I know I've complained a lot about being a part of the army, but if I got a second chance, I'd enlist all over again. I don't know what I would be doing, where I would be living, or even who I would be. I've been presented with some amazing opportunities because of the choice I made. And my life has truly been blessed.

If I hadn't joined the army, I wouldn't be marrying Catherine in 11 days.

I joined. I got deployed. I met who would become my best friend. I moved to Logan because of him. I got hired at Youthtrack because of him. I convinced another friend to move to Logan and work with us. He and I moved in with a third friend who introduced me to The Woman I Would Marry.

In addition to Catherine and Patrick, there are several others who I never would have known otherwise. Matticus, Raisor, Mason, Leslita, SSG Hotlips, Shay, and Top Rod. These people have been a great source of happiness and comfort to me. They all get extra special thank you's.

EDIT: Upon completion of this blog, I read thePatrick's. Wow...freaky.

That is all.

PS: A note to the ROTC:
Please don't asplode things around me. Especially unannounced. I understand what you're doing and understand the purpose behind it; I even mildly appreciate it. However, the reason for my appreciation is the very same as the reason for my annoyance. Honoring people who have been around booms by making things go boom doesn't so much make sense to me. We don't like them.

Heart rates increase.
Hands tremble.
Legs give out.
Thoughts scramble, and yet immediately focus at the same time.

It's uncomfortable...


thePatrick said...

We really are similar, eh?

Conservative Ginger said...

As I said to Patrick earlier on his blog people like you guys inspire me! I don't mean to get sappy on you but I think there are times when sappiness is called for. I do appreciate your service to our country more than words can say. I can't begin to imagine the things you experienced nor do I want to, to be honest.
As I read your blog a quote came to my mind by Joseph Smith, “everything the Lord commands is right; though we might not see the reason until long after the event transpires.”
You can translate that into your life. I know it might not make complete sense but I hope you understand what I am getting at. Again thank you so much for your service. People like you and the other men and women in uniform should be thanked and frankly paid a lot more. But for what it's worth THANKS!
PS If anyone talks smack on you for the rest of the month let me know because I'll send Danny Bonaduce after them. He's the Ginger Enforcer. Shh, but don't tell anyone it's top secret!

Norte said...

Danny Bonaduce scares the piss outta me...

Conservative Ginger said...

That is why Danny is the 'Enforcer.' For most people just gazing into his souless eyes will put them in a coma for weeks!

Angel of Sarcasm said...

You're hott.