Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Light Up Ya Lighter

So, while ago I posted Letter From Iraq by The Bouncing Souls. This song I also like. The first time I heard it I thought, Really man? Reggae? But then I actually caught a bit of the lyrics and told my roommate to start it over again. I listened to it very carefully and loved it.

...I try and sing it sometimes...but I'm just a few shades past lily, so it doesn't work out so well...

(again, below the player I've included the lyrics...)


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It never makes no sense
It never makes no sense
Fire fire fire
Light up ya lighter
Fire fire fire
Armageddon is a deadly day
Armageddon is a deadly way
They're coming for you every day
While senators on a holiday
The Army recruiters in the parking lot
Hustling the kids there juggling pot
Listen young man listen to my plan
Gonna make you money gonna make you a man
Bomb Bomb
Here's what you get
An M-16 and a kevlar vest
You might come home with one less leg
But this thing'll surely keep a bullet out'ya chest
So come on come on sign up come on
This one's nothing like Viet Nam
Except for the bullets except for the bombs
Except for the youth that's gone

So we keepin' on
Til you're comin' home
Higher and higher
Fire fire fire
Light up ya lighter
Fire fire fire

Tell me President tell me if you will
How many people does a smart-bomb kill
How many of 'em do you think we got
The General says we never miss a shot
And we never ever ever keep a body count
We killin' so efficiently we cant keep count
In the Afghan hills the rebels still fightin'
Opium fields keep on providin'
The best heroin that money can buy and
Nobody knows where Osama been hidin'
The press conferences keep on lyin'
Like we don't know

So we keepin' on
Til you're comin' home
Higher and higher
Fire fire fire
Light up ya lighter
Fire fire fire

So mister engine engine number nine
Machine guns on a New York transit line
The war for oil is a war for the beast
The war on terror is a war on peace
Tellin' you they're gonna protect you
And tellin' you that they support the troops
Don't let 'em fool ya with their milk and honey
No they only want your money
One step forward and two steps back
One step forward and two steps back
Why the veterans get no respect
PTSD and a broken back
Take a look at where your money's gone
Take a look at what they spend it on
No excuses no illusions
Light up ya lighter bring 'em home

So we keepin' on
Til you're comin' home
Higher and higher
Fire fire fire
Light up ya lighter
Fire fire fire


Now, I'm by no means a hippie, leftist, liberal...whatever. But I'm sure as frick not the other side either. Just sayin'. I'm pretty middle of the road.

And I like this song. A lot.

That is all.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Very deadly.

More terrifying than a shark...

More ominous than a volcano...

It's the...

Y'all best be runnin...

That is all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our rad-tastic trip

The Bahamas are spiffy. The tour guide at Fort Fincastle is rad. I've given some of you my impression of him. Want proof I wasn't exaggerating? Click HERE.

Pics are on my Facebook. They tell the story pretty well.

What's that? I'm supposed to tell you about it? Oh, ok.

We took off from Salt Lake at 7:00 Sunday morning. That flight was fine - nothing out of the ordinary. Then we caught a flight in Atlanta...after a three-hour wait. Fun. That flight was delayed a little bit. Because there was a rubber seal missing from a wheel-well. Yup. We couldn't fly because of lack of a bit of rubber. All was well though.

We landed in Miami and called for a shuttle to the hotel. Then proceeded to board the wrong one. We tried to check in at the WRONG Hilton and had to get a shuttle to the right one. We finally got checked in about 9:30. We got overpriced room service and went to sleep.

We caught a shuttle the next day at noon to the seaport. Check-in and boarding were actually quite a bit easier than I first expected. Cool beans! We were on the boat by 12:45. Our rooms wouldn't be ready until 2, so we walked around and familiarized ourselves with the ship. Correction: I familiarized myself with the ship. By the end of the week, Catherine still had trouble remembering which end was the front unless we were on the top. :) LOVE YA HONEY!!!

That night we didn't do much. We went to a "Welcome Aboard" show and learned a little more about what the cruise entailed. Then we went hot-tubbing for a little while.

On Tuesday we docked at Freeport. Catherine and I had wanted to go to the national park. Unfortunately, it was raining and we decided it wouldn't be much fun that way. So we shopped around the straw market and got some souvenirs. We still had fun. Catherine loved that the lady selling pearl necklaces called her 'beautiful'. And she sure is! We came back to the boat and had a little nap. We went to dinner and when we got back to our room there was a towel bunny with mint eyes waiting for us on our bed! We named him Harvey. We also saw a show where some ninny-folk danced around and sang broadway songs. Catherine loved it. My reaction was more of the "Uhh..." variety. On our way back to the room we decided to race. Catherine took the stairs and I took the elevator. I had to stop on an extra floor so she won by a lot. I was still hungry, so we got room service and fell asleep.

Wednesday was really cool. We docked in Nassau and walked around the shopping district for a bit. We got some tasty rum cakes from the Tortuga Rum shop. And some nail polish for my sister at Del Sol. Everything in that store changes color in the sun. and I'm mot talking red to pink. I mean drastic, vibrant change. her nail polish goes from a minty green to a deep burgundy. Neat-o. Later we took a tour of the city (where the above-linked tour guide came into play) and went to the Ardastra Zoo. they had free-range flamingos just walking around. They later performed a show displaying their marching skills. That was WAY cool. And funny. We went to dinner that night at a nice Italian place onboard and dressed up really nice. Then we went to a comedy/magic show and watched the Newlywed/Not so Newlywed show. We tried to get picked for that one, but didn't win the raffle. :( It was still lots of fun though. We got room service again.

Thursday was kinda sad. Because of thunderstorms, we couldn't land at Great Stirrup Cay, the cruise line's private island. I had been looking forward to this most of all because I really wanted to go snorkeling and play hide and seek with the fishes... Catherine also got a horrible kink in her neck, so she decided to get a massage. Well, I couldn't feel left out, so I got one too. It was amazazing. Deep-tissue style. Ohh..... We bought a few more souvenirs and gifts at the shop on board and went to dinner. There, I tried escargot for the first time. It was fantastic. After dinner I was still peckish, so I went to the buffet and got four desserts. Mmm. Also, over the course of the cruise, I started getting little welt-like sores down my side. By Thursday, they were all over. And big. And painful. I decided I have Swine-Pox.

Friday we came home. That was an adventure... We had the choice to fly through Atlanta again or through Chicago which would get us home two hours earlier. We opted for Chicago. Ugh. Our flight from Miami was delayed to the point where we would have missed our flight in Chicago. So we caught a last minute flight through Dallas. First, that flight was delayed twenty minutes. Then, once we had boarded, we were informed that someone had forgotten to refuel the plane... Then there were two flights on the runway in front of us. We ended up taking off just over an hour after we were supposed to. Oh well. We had a long wait in Dallas for our next flight, anyway.

On the flight from Dallas to Salt Lake, Catherine and I were seated in the emergency exit row. Ok, cool. We got extra foot room. Oh, wait...the old lady in front of us decided that having a heart attack or stroke or something mid-flight would be a good idea. (note: I harbor NO ill will toward her for what happened and sincerely hope she is ok, despite what subsequently happened and how I describe it. thank you.) Luckily, there were 2 doctors and a nurse on the flight. They had her lie down in our lovely footspace and the flight attendants had us move to the back, BACK of the plane and we sat on the fold out jump seats. Rattley. Noisy. Dim. Fun! They had to have us move back to actual seats for the landing. The only seats we could use were the ones the old lady and her son were in. So we had to gingerly step over her...while in our final descent...amid sweet turbulence...avoiding kicing her head...or multiple IV tubes. YAY! once we landed we had to wait until the paramedics came on to take her off before we could leave.

Now, to add stress to the whole flight scenario, In Miamiwe had already checked our luggage to go through Chicago. So we were expecting to have to go to the baggage office in Salt Lake and file a claim to get it. But all was well! When we went to do that, THERE WAS OUR BAG! Alone in the office. So we showed our claim check and practically skipped out of there. Hey my rum cakes were in there. I didn't want to lose those!

Now we're home. It's lovely. The vacation was lovely. Would I do it again? YES. Will I soon? Nope. Too poor. But we have fond memories and love telling the stories. I made sure to leave some stuff out so I CAN tell stories without boring you with what you've already read here! :)

That is all.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Letter From Iraq

I listened to this song today. Then I listened a few more times. I got this cd (The Gold Record) by The Bouncing Souls a few years ago. The story behind this song apparently, is the band got a letter from a Sergeant in Iraq and liked it so much they put it to music, almost word-for-word. I likes it.

Below the player, I've included the lyrics.

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Hot Sunni sun
Passes moaning mosque spire
B-company's pinned down
Under heavy fire
Underneath the palms
There's improvised bombs
Because Jihad-Johnny knows
Yankee is a liar

An eye for an eye
And blood for Texas Tea
At the call to prayer
Al Qaida's on his knees
Isaac versus Ishmael
Allah versus Christ
Zarqawi's on the offense
Picking up the beat

There's celebratory fire
And a purple-thumb vote
Tom Cruise is on a sortie
From a gulf love boat
Smart bombs are coming
See the children running
The dead they are all laughing
But we don't get the joke

An eye for an eye
And blood for Texas tea
At the call to prayer
Al Qaida's on his knees
Isaac versus Ishmael
Allah versus Christ
Zarqawi's on the offense
Picking up the beat

They lost another friend today
It's getting rough over there
They say the whole thing's fucked
I wish the boys were back
At least I know they're still alive
Another letter from Iraq

Presents full of Christmas loot
All that's left of Bullet-Billy
Is a pair of bloody boots
His mom is on the phone
His girl is all alone
We all stand in the rain
For a twenty-one gun salute


Yep, pretty much.

That is all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I read awesome things.

surviving myself


my first dictionary

wordy ninja

random ramblings

Et cetera.

I'd like to write this awesomely. But here's the catch. I mostly write these things when I'm on grave shifts. Therefore, you get what I think about on grave shifts.

It sucks because I'll have a really rad idea but forget to write it down. Then spend an hour or so trying to remember what that idea was. Then end up writing this silliness.

On a completely unrelated note, I would really like to see this movie...

Oh, hey...remember that wordy ninja blog I linked up there? No? Well then scroll up a bit and remind yourself.

I'll wait...

Anyhoo, his most recent post (as of this posting) was a thing about his thoughts and having insomnia and I thought, hey, I do blogs like this sometimes...

You know the ones...they have breaks in them like this...


And then I start on a new thought. Or sometimes I refer back to a previous thought. I figured it was time for another one of those.


3:00am - So, our cruise is next week. HAPPY! The pirate museum tour got kicked off our itinerary. BOO! Oh well. I think trying to get the pirate museum and the zoo both in one day might be a bit much. And we've only got from 9-4. And I can spend a butt-load of time at a zoo. I loves 'em. So that's ok.


3:04am - The word 'burrito' just popped into my head. Wow.


So, I was just browsing the Fark Video Page and, for some reason, remembered this goodness...

He always makes me smile.


3:15am - I didn't put a time on my last post. Fail. Oh well. Sometime between 3:04 and 3:15am, apparently...


3:30am - Holy frick! Just found this little gem...

It's an interactive, stop-motion, break-dancing game with Batman and Joker. Rad. -tastic.


3:37am - Oh, hey. I just remembered this... I did it earlier tonight and it's kinda freaky...

Want to be too scared to eat Doritos again? hotel626.com (better if you have a webcam/mic)


4:25am - Ok...I've just watched quite a few nifty vids. But don't feel like posting them. Too much effort to click that little link thing or copy the embed code. So I'll just tell you to look up 100 greatest movie lines in 200 seconds and William Shatner singing to George Lucas.


4:40am - Um...ok. So, some of you know I have this weird fascination with Charles Manson. (don't mistake fascination for admiration. I just find him very intriguing...)

thePatrick told me about this a little while back and I finally got around to watching it. It's simultaneously one of the funniest, most frightening things I've ever seen...


4:54am - Alright. One more video. It's from Animaniacs. Funny, but how in the world did it actually make it to the air?


And with that, I think I'll leave you for the night.

That is all.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why aren't you terrified?!?

What's that? Because you have common sense and don't get caught up in media fear-mongering? Oh, I see...

(edit) Two Americans have died of Swine Flu*.

Bird Flu killed 70-something in 2005, worldwide*.

The post-9/11 Anthrax 'attack' killed 6*.

This made me laugh...

So I pretty much think this is silliness. Or rather, I did...until I saw...THIS!!!


That is all.

*These numbers based on the most recent counts I could find...they may be off. Sue me.