Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why aren't you terrified?!?

What's that? Because you have common sense and don't get caught up in media fear-mongering? Oh, I see...

(edit) Two Americans have died of Swine Flu*.

Bird Flu killed 70-something in 2005, worldwide*.

The post-9/11 Anthrax 'attack' killed 6*.

This made me laugh...

So I pretty much think this is silliness. Or rather, I did...until I saw...THIS!!!


That is all.

*These numbers based on the most recent counts I could find...they may be off. Sue me.


Conservative Chris said...

You forgot about Ebola & Sars. They were supposed to kill us all but only killed a few hundred people worldwide. Nothing compared to the 36,000 Americans and the roughly 250,000 worldwide that die from the regular flu every year.
We could also throw in global cooling and warming and don't forget overpopulation. I'd say that dolphins have a bigger chance of wiping out the human race than these diseases. (see Simpsons episode).

Rachel said...

Awesome! I couldn't agree with you more. Most people could use the flu in this country to counter the obesity epidemic...much more serious.

C.B. said...


Chonny said...

I think it's just natural selection taking a more assertive approach. "The economy sucks... Let's lower the unemployment rate!"

On another note... Zombies? HAHAHA We better get building our Submarine Robot Alligators and find a bouncy castle.