Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I read awesome things.

surviving myself


my first dictionary

wordy ninja

random ramblings

Et cetera.

I'd like to write this awesomely. But here's the catch. I mostly write these things when I'm on grave shifts. Therefore, you get what I think about on grave shifts.

It sucks because I'll have a really rad idea but forget to write it down. Then spend an hour or so trying to remember what that idea was. Then end up writing this silliness.

On a completely unrelated note, I would really like to see this movie...

Oh, hey...remember that wordy ninja blog I linked up there? No? Well then scroll up a bit and remind yourself.

I'll wait...

Anyhoo, his most recent post (as of this posting) was a thing about his thoughts and having insomnia and I thought, hey, I do blogs like this sometimes...

You know the ones...they have breaks in them like this...


And then I start on a new thought. Or sometimes I refer back to a previous thought. I figured it was time for another one of those.


3:00am - So, our cruise is next week. HAPPY! The pirate museum tour got kicked off our itinerary. BOO! Oh well. I think trying to get the pirate museum and the zoo both in one day might be a bit much. And we've only got from 9-4. And I can spend a butt-load of time at a zoo. I loves 'em. So that's ok.


3:04am - The word 'burrito' just popped into my head. Wow.


So, I was just browsing the Fark Video Page and, for some reason, remembered this goodness...

He always makes me smile.


3:15am - I didn't put a time on my last post. Fail. Oh well. Sometime between 3:04 and 3:15am, apparently...


3:30am - Holy frick! Just found this little gem...

It's an interactive, stop-motion, break-dancing game with Batman and Joker. Rad. -tastic.


3:37am - Oh, hey. I just remembered this... I did it earlier tonight and it's kinda freaky...

Want to be too scared to eat Doritos again? (better if you have a webcam/mic)


4:25am - Ok...I've just watched quite a few nifty vids. But don't feel like posting them. Too much effort to click that little link thing or copy the embed code. So I'll just tell you to look up 100 greatest movie lines in 200 seconds and William Shatner singing to George Lucas.


4:40am - Um...ok. So, some of you know I have this weird fascination with Charles Manson. (don't mistake fascination for admiration. I just find him very intriguing...)

thePatrick told me about this a little while back and I finally got around to watching it. It's simultaneously one of the funniest, most frightening things I've ever seen...


4:54am - Alright. One more video. It's from Animaniacs. Funny, but how in the world did it actually make it to the air?


And with that, I think I'll leave you for the night.

That is all.