Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let's play catch-up, shall we?

So, it just occurred to me that I haven't done a What's-Going-On-In-My-Life blog since maybe...April or so. When we got Charlotte. I'm here to rectify this problem.

(I just read a blog that used this same storytelling format and I liked here goes.)

Apply at Chrysalis. Get interview. Don't get called back. Find Dog. Get a different Dog. Finish semester. Watch Wifey graduate, wonder if you ever will. Go on honeymoon. Be somewhat disappointed, but have a generally good time. Return to work. Hope Wifey finds a job soon. Work. Tolerate it. Work. Dislike it. Work. Begin to actively resent it. Go play army for three weeks. Miss Wifey TERRIBLY because this is the longest the two of you have been apart since you MET. Hear more deployment rumors. Come home. Enjoy time with Wifey. Start school again. Be excited for it. Get behind on homework all too soon. Get alerted for deployment. WIFEY FINDS A JOB! Consider quitting your job and find some menial, easy, part time job. Wifey leaves job a week later. Scrap part time plans. Continue to dislike job. Sink farther behind in homework. Come across opportunity to switch to Utah National Guard as a linguist...

So that's my Late Spring/Summer/Early Fall for this year. Short, yes. But with everything you really need to know.

But here's the stuff worth pointing out. I'm continually slipping behind in school. I know I'm smart enough, but I just don't have the time. Well, technically I do. But when work is factored in I just don't have the time to balance between homework and Wifey. She gets enough time stolen from her because of all the extra shifts I've been picking up at work; most of them graves... So homework gets sacrificed.

Meanwhile, I'm not enjoying my job. It's not the environment. It's not the coworkers. Heck, it's not even the clients, really. It's the field. I came into this job by chance, having no prior interest in Human Services. It turned out I was damn good at it though. So I stuck with it. Now I'm beginning to realize I really don't enjoy it though. I've stayed here for others. Not for myself.

On the topic of the army... Well, we got our alert message on Friday, the 4th. What does this mean? It basically means we went from being likely to deploy to being more likely to deploy. Nothing is set in stone. We may not go.

But do I believe this? No. I'm fairly certain we're going. And it sucks, but what can you do? Oh, that's right. Transfer to the Logan unit. And no, not so I can get out of a deployment. So I can be a linguist. I want to be an interpreter some day and I think this would be a good step to take in getting there. First I have to take a test to measure my proficiency at learning a new language (easy-peasy, I think), then, pending my passing the test, I have to write a letter of intent to my commander. A little scary for me, yes. But he came down to talk to us at drill this weekend and said that we're over-manned and if anyone is wanting to do interstate transfers, do 'em.

So that's my life as of now. Hope yours is less cluttered.