Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our New Addition

Hi kids.

Meet Charlotte.
Oh...she's so precious.

So here's the story.

I was longboarding home from class on Wednesday, when I saw a little Fox Terrier running down 600 East. I noticed he had a leash so I followed him to see if he had an owner I could take him to. His tag said he was from Tremonton (!) so I called the animal shelter and took him over there with Catherine. Apparently, his previous owner gave him away to someone in who lived close to where I found him. But that someone's family didn't know what the shelter was talking about when they called her. Meanwhile, Catherine and I had gotten fairly attached to him...and how could you not?

So we told the shelter that we would take him if his new owners fell through. Well, we thought we would check up on him this afternoon. The shelter said he was picked up almost immediately after we left him. By this point, we had gottern pretty set on getting a dog, so we had a look around and fell in love with Charlotte. A 2-year-old Lab mix. And just as pretty as can be.

So now wifey is hap-Hap-HAPPY. And that makes me happy.

That is all.


Conservative Chris said...

I am glad that you didn't stick with the terrier. They are stupid looking dogs. Labs are much cooler.

C.B. said...

awww, cute puppy!