Monday, October 20, 2008

Totally saw this coming...but not quite

Ok. So I'm in a singles ward. And I have four Sundays left 'til I'm no longer a single. For the last few weeks, I've had the feeling that before I leave, I'll be asked to speak in church. Guess who was right? Give you a hint: his name rhymes with 'Borte'. However, with one minor detail changed. See, I'm not going to be speaking in sacrament meeting. Oh, no. I'm speaking next week at Stake Conference.

I hate public speaking. I do not like it, Sam-I-Am.

I've often wondered what the worst situation for public speaking would be. In front of people you know and see all the time? Or in front of complete strangers? Normally, I might opt for the latter, seeing as how you probably won't see them again. But wait...this is for church. So I'm going to see all these people again. And I 'know' probably about 5 of them. So I've picked a third super-scary category: Strangers who you see all the time.

Yikes for me.

I wasn't even given a topic. Well ok, I was. But not outright. I was given a scripture reference and told to go from there. I'M NOT PERCEPTIVE TO THIS SORT OF THING!!!

Really, I'm not.

I have to fill 7 minutes. Remember how I can't talk for more than a minute or so straight before my throat starts hurting? Awesome. And I'll have just gotten off a grave shift two hours prior. Rad.

Ok, so I'm really not angry or upset at this. I'm just good at ranting. Stick with what you know, right? I think I might actually be a little bit excited for this.

That is all.


Rachel said...

Hey...if it means that you have to speak because you are getting hitched then so-be-it. Sorry that it had to be stake conference. I hope I never have to do that (knock on wood any aonything else that woill keep me lucky) Good luck in the preparation.

Conservative Ginger said...

Ha ha ha! Red Power! I told you we'd get our revenge...