Friday, October 17, 2008

A Period of ReDiscovery.

It seems recently that I've been remembering things I once loved. Like the post before this one, with the Get Set Go Mountain Dew Code Red...and most recently, Swedish mullets and nasty-staches. Proceed.

A couple years ago, I became aware of this guy. Ladies, meet Günther.

Günther quickly became my favorite Swedish pop star. (Ok, so that was easy seeing as how pop and I have never exactly been on speaking terms...) Then, just as quickly, he faded from my memory and I moved on.

Earlier this week, I was looking around Youtube for something to entertain me on a grave shift when I suddenly remembered: Günther and the Sunshine Girls! And treated myself to this...


Yep. Other hits include Teeney Weeney Sting Bikini and Tutti Frutti Summer Love. And for my friends with a myspace, watch your comments as the Christmas season approaches. I'll see that you all get some Günther Güdness...

And I'll leave you with this... (50 points if you actually watch BOTH videos all the way through!)

Psst...more dude-ity in this one too...sorry

That is all.