Saturday, October 25, 2008

The ease of sleep...

*I don't sleep at work...but I easily could...

I found this today and it made me laugh. I have problems staying awake in my Social Systems class. Today for example. Then I came 'home' (to Catherine's) and hung out for a little with her before going to sleep around 4-ish. She came in to say 'bye' before she left (final dress fitting and bridal shower tomorrow) about 7:30. After that, I couldn't get to sleep til after 10.

Now here I sit at work, ready to sleep at the drop of a hat. But there are no hats, so I suppose there will be no sleep.

But on the plus side, Catherine will come home tomorrow with bunches of new presents! YAY!

And Christy (good-type) is taking our engagement pictures for us :) That's happy making.

And I still have to write my I should probably go do that...

That is all.