Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth of July, and Wedding Band-ness

So, apparently I'm the only person left who has not yet posted about their Fourth of July. So Here goes.

I don't like fireworks. For more on that, peruse my myspace blogs...July-ish of last year should be about right. This year, I spent the holiday with Catherine. We stayed in and watched The Great Escape. I'd never seen it before and have to say, it's awesome. Go rent it. It's flippin' sweet.

That's about it for the holiday.

So earlier today I got a text from Catherine saying "I just had the best! idea! ever! :)" She reminded me of how I dearly wanted a live band at our reception, but we just couldn't afford what I wanted. She then reminded me of who my best man and groomsmen were. Of course! thePatrick, Tomas, and Matticus! I've played with all three of them at some time or another. I reminded her that this would take me away from her for a while, but she insisted. She thinks it'll be cute to see me play :) So, I called thePatrick and Tomas, and they've both agreed. I left a message for Matticus, but as of this typing, he has yet to respond... Oh well.

So far for songs, I've decided on New Found Glory's cover of 'Kiss Me', originally by Sixpence None The Richer, our own cover version of "The Promise" by When In Rome, and an 80's power ballad, yet to be determined. If I can fanagle it, I'd also like to to 'I've Got A Crush On You', an old Frank Sinatra-type song, and 'In The Mood', an old jazzy swing song. Of course, these would be played Norte/thePatrick-style.

So, if you have any suggestions for wedding appropriate songs that you wouldn't mind seeing hashed by punk/electronica/slightly-metal influenced nerds, let me know. Comments should suffice nicely.

That is all.


Conservative Ginger said...

I think you should play "Let's Get It On" by Barry White. That's "wedding appropriate" right? Was the movie you watched "The Great Escape" made in 1963?