Saturday, July 26, 2008

All bang'd up.

So, I just got back from Lava Hot Springs. Camping is ridiculous amounts of fun. As is tubing down the river. Even when I fall off multiple times and get scrap'd, cut'd, bruis'd, and all around...well...bang'd up! I'm sore, starving, and tired as all get out, but I had a blast. phone started dieing on Thursday night, so I turned if off and kept it off until this afternoon on my way home. The plan for work was for Chad to work for me and I'd work his grave tonight for him. He forgot. In his defense, I didn't fill out the paperwork on it so the schedule was normal and he didn't have a reminder for it. Oh, well. So as I'm driving home (about an hour after my shift had started), I got a voice mail from Mason inquiring as to why I was not yet there. I called him and explained it. He stayed an extra 3 hours so I could hurry and drive home and get changed. Now I get to stay for him tomorrow night three hours into a grave to make up for it, which I don't mind.

So yeah. I'm tired. And effing hungry. That' all I've got...

That is all.