Friday, December 18, 2009

As I was...

So, all (3) of you can ignore that last post. Turns out I am going to school after all. Yes, I'm still going to miss a month for army training, but I'm only going to do two classes that will work well with me.

I'm taking German 2020. Dr. Tweraser has been really great with my army schedule and when I had to miss two weeks due to illness this semester, he just dropped that whole chapter from my final grade. I love taking classes from this guy.

My other class is from a professor from whom I've never taken a class (yeah, that sounded nerdy and pretentious, but there's a good reason why...keep reading). It's Linguistics 4100 from Lackstrom. I've heard good things. I also emailed him to ask what the curriculum was like and how homework was handled. He sent me back a syllabus from this past semester. The course is graded entirely by exams and all the homework is extra credit. Score!

The downside to this of course, is that I only get about half as much for REAP (Reserve Education Assistance Program). This semester I've been sitting pretty at just over a grand a month from my dear old uncle just for going to school. Oh, well. Wifey's employed and I'll get a nice chunk o' change for my month of army stuff.

In other news, well, I'll probably blog other news later. I like to keep posts topical.

...ok, we all know that's a blatant lie, but I'm tired and about to go home for the night.

That is all.


Conservative Chris said...

Lackstrom's class is super BORING!!! Plus he dresses like Indiana Jones but after looking at him you know it is just a fantasy...
My advice, go to the class. I hear it is a pretty easy class if you go to all of them. It has to be easier than never going and only showing up for the tests like I did.