Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Once upon a time, there was a loving husband who wanted to buy his lovely wife flowers for Valentine's day.

While contemplating where to get flowers, he saw a commercial on the tele-tube for and a promotion they were running.

Cool, he thought. I can get a good deal on flowers for Wifey.

So he went on the inter-webs and ordered the flowers (which ended up not being the greatest, but ok) and paid for them with his magical plastic rectangle.

Six months later, he noticed a strange charge on his bank statement. $14.95 for Easy Saver...

Strange, he thought. So Wifey did a search for easy saver and found this.

They checked their bank statement back through February and - what do you know - these charges had been coming out since the loving husband purchased the mediocre flowers.

The screwed-over couple called the number from the complaint site and, after a quick rant at the guy on the other end, were promised reimbursement in 7-10 days.

Moral of the story: Don't buy flowers from! It'll sign you up for a scam, wherein you give them fifteen bucks a month and get zilch for it. It's apparently how they afford to sell the flowers that cheap or something.

That is all.


C.B. said...

You should have asked your florist friend what I think about ordering flowers online. Yup they all suck.

thePatrick said...

Eff that 'Ness...


Chonny said...

File a report about Proflowers with And I would recommend always researching the company if you are buying online!

That's retarded.