Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Mix-Up #7

What's this? A Monday Mix-Up from beyond the grave?

Ok, so I'm not dead, but I am currently at Annual Training for the Army. So let's give an extra special thanks to that whole Schedule feature. And an extra EXTRA special 'Huzzah!' for me for thinking ahead and getting these scheduled so you poor folks don't have to go without them for three whole weeks. I know, it would be crushing...

On to the song! As promised, this week I'm showcasing the work of Warren Fitzgerald. He's the guitarist for this wonderful covering band and the guy lip-syncing in the video.

Song: Don't Stop Me Now (Queen, Jazz, 1978)
Covering Band: The Vandals

Rad? Yes. Spiritual? Almost. The best song ever? Probably not, but awesome nonetheless.

That is all.