Sunday, June 7, 2009

Copyright infringment? Perhaps an homage.

Since meeting him about 4.5 years ago, it's become apparent that thePatrick and I operate on a very similar wavelength.

We like most of the same bands.

We complain about the same crap.

And his 'jugga's sound sweet with my 'meedley's. (I promise that's not as dirty as it sounds)

Want one more? Check out his vs. my Veteran's Day blog...

Anyway, the point of this isn't to get all sappy and junk. It's to say that he has started a weekly post cleverly titled Music Video Friday, and that I was planning to as well...right before I saw that he did. Except that I hadn't had my day of the week picked yet. So he wins this round.

But am I going to not do what I had planned? Fark that. I'm still gonna do it. But with a bit of a twist. See, I'm rather giddy and otherwise schoolgirl-esque when it comes to covers. So to counter, I'm announcing the arrival of Monday Mix-up.

So there it is. I've got a good'un for Monday. (Actually, I was so excited for it I already put it up on Facebook...whoops.)

That is all.