Friday, January 2, 2009

Because I'm bored and you can't do anything about it...'s another lyric quiz for y'all.

You should remember the rules from last time. If not, check the archives.

Ready, go!


1. Danny says that he got caught up in all the talk of how it used to be

2. Something that I felt today, something that I heard

3. Hey porter, hey porter, would you tell me the time?

4. In my silence I would love to forget, but restitution hasn't come quite yet

5. Hello, my name is Vern and I just moved out west. Why I left my hometown is anybody's guess

6. Holy cow I think I got one here, now just what am I supposed to do?

7. For today we will take their body parts and put them on the wall...

8. Your eyes shine bright like a Jesus nightlight

9. Fifteen, I'm strung out once again and kicked out

10. I've heard it all before, could hear it all a thousand times more

11. The call to arms was never true, time to imbibe here's to you

12. I'm missing your bed, I never sleep

13. At the end of that May the world seemed to shine

14. There are things you should know, the distance between us seems to grow

15. And we'll float to the end where the oceans do bends and we'll fly away

16. I would hire the A-Team and I'd crash the General Lee

17. All aboard hit the road all the bullshit can't be ignored

18. Hold on before you break me, give me one more chance

19. {spoiler lyrics here, so I'll skip to the second line} Pretentious attention, dismissive apprehension

20. Black and white are all I see in my infancy

21. I'm always thinking of you, you're never thinking of me

22. Pictures of you, oh they're still on my mind

23. Well clowns are neat oh clowns are fun clowns are loved by everyone

24. Won't make the bed up straight, I always stay out late

25. I was never cool in school, I'm sure you don't remember me