Friday, September 19, 2008

...and the work week begins again...

(this is my periodic rant issue...)

For those that don't know (and I'm sure you all do...I work with most, if not all, of you who read this), I work Friday-Monday morning grave shifts, midnight to 8. I go to school Monday through Friday. I don't have a day off...ever.

Some weekends I have drill. Those times, I want to punt puppies. I really don't like drill. Everything involves so much ephing paperwork. It's ridiculous.

So whenever I have a little time to relax, I do so. And in doing so, don't get anything done. And when it's time to be done relaxing, I'm still tired.

I don't like school. Specifically, two of my classes. They're over my head and I just don't want to go to them. The rest (curling, german, and creative arts) are ok. I'm still liking them just fine.

I had a crappy night tonight. Exorcised some personal demons, I think. Got issues from 14 years ago off my chest. As much as I hated talking about it, and the lead-up to talking about it, I feel a lot better now. Catherine is wonderful to me.

I'm too tired right now to keep going. Maybe tomorrow's will be cheerier. Probably.

That is all.


Conservative Ginger said...

Come on Norte! Don't give up on those classes. You'll have many more classes that suck and some worse so you can't give up!!!