Monday, October 12, 2009

I will find you... I will submit you...

Dear Terrible Parkers of Logan, Utah:

I have a new hobby. And that is taking pictures of crappy parking jobs and submitting them here. I've only submitted 2 so far, but I'm now on the lookout, keeping a keen eye for those of you who choose to say, You know what? I'm so awesome that I feel like parking like an asshat today.

You are not awesome. But you provide me with hobby-fodder. And for that, I thank you. As for that ding in your door, don't park so farking close, knob gobbler.

That is all.

PS: If you want to see mine, just look for the ones from Logan, UT. So far they're Sep 10 and Oct 3. I'll keep updating with new ones!


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