Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cue up them Beach Boys!!!

What do you get when you take one part tax return, two parts married couple who didn't get a honeymoon, and a burning desire for it not to be winter anymore?


With a side of this.

After being married 3 months now (6 by the time we actually go) Catherine and I are finally getting our honeymoon. May 18 we are flying out to Miami and getting on a boat for 4 days in the Bahamas!

And yes, the ship pictured above is the one we will be on...

There's a zoo...

A sweet cave tour...


We're stopping at Grand Bahama Island, Nassau, and Great Stirrup Cay.

We ended up not getting the balcony room we originally wife is practical like that. But we've still got an oceanview room, so we're not down in the bowels of the ship.

Happy times shall ensue.

That is all.


Conservative Chris said...

That sounds like lots of fun! The weird thing is this last week in class we read an article and talked about that very pirate museum. I am almost positive it's the same at least. Small world...